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Aromatherapy massage
Full body massage with an aromatic oil of your choice.
Treatment duration: approx. 50 minutes – €58.00

Ayurvedic massages in the lunarium

•    Abhyanga full body massage
      For relaxation and to harmonise the body’s energies: detoxifying, balancing and stress reducing.
      Treatment duration: approx. 60 minutes – €75.00

•    Garshan silk glove massage
      The massage with natural silk gloves stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
      The treatment firms the connective tissue and cleanses and purifies your skin to leave it feeling silky smooth. Followed by an oil treatment.
      Treatment duration: approx. 30 minutes – €35.00

•    Mukabhyanga head and face massage
      One of the most wonderful Ayurvedic massages; alleviates concerns, stress and worries and boosts concentration.
      Treatment duration: approx. 30 minutes – €33.00

•    Padabhyanga foot and leg massage
      Uses the foot zones to positively affect the entire body; stimulates the energy flow and induces a state of deep relaxation.
      Treatment duration: approx. 30 minutes – €35.00

Unsere liebevoll gestalteten Ruheräume warten auf Sie
Unser Wellness Ruheraum am Camping Hopfensee im Allgäu mit Blick auf die bayrischen Alpen

Bach flowers full body massage
A harmonising and energising massage to activate the energy balance in the body and help clear blockages.
Treatment duration: approx. 50 minutes – €58.00

Brush massage
A body rub with a massage glove to stimulate the circulation and tone the skin with a peeling effect.
Treatment duration: approx. 20 minutes – €25.00

Hay bath
A relaxing treatment for the entire back/pelvic region using herbal steam; strengthens the immune system.
Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €27.00

Hot stone massage
A fascinating combination of massage, energy work and the special effects of hot basalt stones.
The entire body has its energy reserves restocked and is harmonised and strengthened.
Treatment duration: approx. 60 minutes – €80.00

Herbal ball massage
Using warm bundles soaked in almond oil; intense skin cleansing and moisturising, alleviating tight muscles.
Full body massage: approx. 50 minutes – €65.00


An experience under a starry sky! Full body peel treatment with various healing earths in an aromatic steam bath followed by an oil treatment.
Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €30.00

Foam massage
Cleansing peeling massage – based on massages in a Turkish hamam.
Treatment duration: approx. 40 minutes – €63.00

  • Wellness Bereich mit Rasul
  • Rasul
  • Wellness Ruheraum
  • Hot-Stone Massage
  • Heukraxen
  • Kräuterstempel

Floating couch treatments

•    Algae full body treatment
      Thalasso on the floating couch; detoxifying and tissue firming; stimulates the skin’s cell metabolism.
      Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €35.00

•    Birch cellulite bath
      Wonderfully aromatic, diuretic treatment that nourishes the skin.
      Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €35.00

•    Cleopatra bath
      A mixture of premium oils and milk; hydrating, moisturising and cleansing bath; suitable for all skin types.
      Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €30.00

•    Evening primrose oil bath
      Optimum beauty care.  A gift from nature.
      Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €35.00

•    Orange oil and salt peel
      Our own formulation with Himalayan salt and aromatised oil.
      Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €33.00

•    Phoenix bath
      Our own formulation with St. John’s wort oil and Bach blossoms – for combating physical and mental exhaustion or burn-out syndrome.  
      Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €35.00

•    Scottish bath
      Full body peel with Breton sea salt followed by an oil bath; returns minerals to the skin and balances the pH value.
      Treatment duration: approx. 45 minutes – €40.00

•    Goat butter cream bath
      Intensively nourishing bath essence with a high vitamin-E content, suitable for all skin types (including problem skin); no allergic reactions are known!
      Treatment duration: approx. 25 minutes – €35.00

All individual treatments in the Arabian Nights spa are followed by 30 minutes of relaxation in our panoramic relaxation room at no extra charge. We also offer you a glass of Prosecco, cup of herbal tea or glass of revitalising Grander water.

Bathrobes can be hired on request:
Hire fee: €2.50

Dear guests, we recommend pre-booking all spa treatments.
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